Warren Poole, Chair

The purpose of the Community Involvement Activities Committee (CIA) is to help bridge the gap between community and service providers by creating opportunities for community members to be involved in the planning process. In addition, community members will receive crucial updates on changes in the Ryan White and related health/social services. The CIAs will consist of a series of forums held throughout the fiscal year. Forums will be held at the Planning Council Office and at different agencies throughout the Newark EMA. Each forum will have a different focus but will concentrate on issues related to the healthcare needs and concerns of the Newark EMA consumer. A written report of each forum will be made available for each member of the Planning Council and to the public. 

The CIA meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:00PM. 

*Click here to view the Community Involvement Activities Committee's agendas and minutes.  

*Meeting dates are subject to change based upon inclement weather. Please refer to the meeting calendar for updates.