Service Standards

The following Service Standards represent service categories funded under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A grant awarded to the City of Newark's Ryan White Unit [also known as the Recipient’s Office]. The intention is for the Service Standards to ensure uniform quality of all Part A services in the Newark EMA, regardless of the location where a person accesses services. Service Standards establish a minimum benchmark by which services are monitored, and subrecipient contracts are developed. If a standard is not met, subrecipients are expected to implement a plan to meet the standard promptly.

Updates or revisions will be made to these service standards at least once per year. The primary goal of this process is to maintain the integrity and quality of all Part A services offered in the Newark EMA while clearly following the guidance of HRSA Policy Clarification Notices (PCN) to meet the most current definition of service categories under Ryan White Part A, the Part A and B National Monitoring Standards, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) care and treatment guidelines, state and local regulations and licensure requirements, or other emerging evidence-based best practices. 

Universal Standards

Elements addressed in the Universal Standards apply to all service categories and are “separate” from service-specific standards. Universal Standards are critical to the service delivery within the EMA and their applicability cannot be over-emphasized.

Universal Service Standards(Rev. 05.19.21)

Service Category Specific Standards

Service Category specific Service Standards are designed for core medical and supportive service categories that receive Ryan White Part A funding in the counties of Union, Essex, Morris, Sussex and Warren.

Core Services

Outpatient/ Ambulatory Health Services

Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services
Oral Health CareOral Health Standard of Care
Early Intervention Services (EIS) (Rev. 05.19.21)Early Intervention Service Standard
Substance Use Outpatient Care (Rev. 03.17.21)Substance Use Outpatient Care Service Standard
Mental Health Services (Rev. 04.21.21) Mental Health Service Standard
Medical Case Management, including Treatment Adherence ServicesMedical Case Management Service Standard
Health Insurance Premium & Cost Sharing Assistance for Low-Income Individuals (Rev. 03.17.21)Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance
Medical Nutrition TherapyMedical Nutrition Therapy Service Standards

Support Services

Emergency Financial AssistanceEmergency Financial Assistance
Food Bank/Home Delivered Meals (Rev. 04.21.21)Food Bank-Home Delivered Meals Service Standard
HousingHousing Service Standard
Medical Transportation (Rev. 05.19.21)Medical Transportation Service Standard
Non-Medical Case Management Services Non-Medical Case Management
Other Professional ServicesOther Professional Services Service Standard
Psychosocial Support ServicesPsychosocial Support Service Standard
Substance Use Services (Residential) (Rev. 03.17.21)Substance Use Service Standard (Residential)

These Service Standards are living documents subject to revisions as new information, requirements, and/or guidance is provided. Comments regarding these documents or considerations for future revisions should be directed in writing to the following:

Newark EMA HIV Health Services Planning Council – Office of Planning Council Support

United Way of Greater Union County

33 West Grand Street  Elizabeth, NJ 07202

Phone: (908) 353-7171 Ext. 109; Fax: (908) 353-6310


Last Updated on 05-28-21