The Newark EMA HIV Health Services Planning Council is responsible for the development of various deliverables, including the development of an annual needs assessment update and a full needs assessment every three years. The needs assessment is a process of collecting information about the needs of people living with HIV (PLWH)—both those receiving care and those not in care. 

The steps involve gathering data from multiple sources on the number of HIV and AIDS cases, the needs of PLWH, and current resources available to meet those needs (Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and other). This information is then analyzed to identify what services are needed and by which groups of PLWH. The Needs Assessment must also include consideration of PLWHA who know their status but are not in care and people who are HIV-positive but not yet diagnosed (needs & gaps).

The results from the needs assessment is used in setting priorities for the allocation of Ryan White Part A funds, developing an integrated plan, and crafting the annual implementation plan and specific strategies for addressing needs. The needs assessment results can also provide baseline data for evaluation and help providers improve services.

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