02 Mar

Ending the HIV Epidemic: New Jersey Strategic Plan for Essex and Hudson Counties 2020-2030

The Essex and Hudson Counties Ending the HIV Epidemic plan is the result of a collaborative effort on the part of Essex and Hudson County HIV service providers, planning bodies, stakeholders, community members and the New Jersey Department of Health’s (NJDOH) Division of HIV, STD and TB Services (DHSTS). It serves as a supplemental document to NJ’s statewide plan, New Jersey Ends the HIV Epidemic: A Strategic Plan, 2019-2025, and concentrates specifically on the needs of Essex and Hudson County. All strategies outlined in the statewide plan are also applicable to these two counties, but there are specific and unique needs within these two counties that warranted additional strategies. Each of the activities listed below apply to both counties, unless specified as an Essex or Hudson specific activity. Both Essex and Hudson each created a taskforce to address their respective county’s funding and collaborate internally, and then come together with each other and with the DOH to ensure the greatest impact. To end the HIV epidemic in Essex and Hudson Counties, it is essential to accomplish seven overarching goals: 

  1. Increase organizational capacity and collaboration for EHE (Planning and Development)
  2. Develop comprehensive data sharing and data-to-care system and infrastructure (Planning and Development)
  3. Promote access to testing so that 100% of persons living with HIV/AIDS know their status (Pillar One: Diagnose)
  4. Increase linkage to care and VLS to 90% (Pillar 2: Treat)
  5. Reduce the number of new HIV infections by 75% (Pillar 3: Prevent)
  6. Respond to Cluster Detection Activities (Pillar 4: Respond)
  7. Evaluate Performance on EHE (Evaluation)" -  Essex and Hudson Counties Ending the HIV Epidemic Plan

To learn more about the Essex and Hudson Counties Ending the HIV Epidemic Plan or to download this plan click on the link below: Essex and Hudson Counties Ending the HIV Epidemic Plan Final.pdf

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