15 Apr

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (2022–2025) provides stakeholders across the nation with a roadmap to accelerate efforts to end the HIV epidemic in the United States by 2030. The Strategy reflects President Biden’s commitment to re-energize and strengthen a whole-of-society response to the epidemic while supporting people with HIV and reducing HIV-associated morbidity and mortality.

For stakeholders across the nation, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy:

  • Details 21 objectives and 78 strategies for federal and nonfederal stakeholders to implement to achieve the goals.
  • Designates five priority populations disproportionately impacted by HIV so that federal agencies and other stakeholders can focus efforts and resources to achieve the greatest impact.
  • Identifies nine core indicators to monitor national progress, establishes a disparity indicator stratified by the priority populations to measure progress toward reducing significant HIV-related disparities, and identifies the topic of a new indicator to be developed.

View the NHAS At-a-Glance that summarizes the goals, objectives, and strategies.

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